Welcome to Yrjar Heimbygdslag
The Local Historical Society in Ørland Municipality

Photo of Austrått Gård Photo of cotters farm Tinden Photo of Guriannastua Photo of the boathouse museum Photo of tractor parade 2006

Latest news from the society. Norwegian text only.

Yrjar Historical Society is working in the geographical area of Ørland Municipality, Sør-Trøndelag County, Norway. The Society was founded in 1977 and the membership is open for everyone. The society is run by members on voluntary communal work. Five elected members are responsible for the administration of the society. The number of members at new year 2013-14 were 191.

The English written pages has not been updated and have consequently been removed. If you like a translation of any pages, forward a request via e-mail.

To forget one's ancesters is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root. Behind archives and objects our ancesters are approaching.

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Yrjar Historical Society, Austrått Gård, NO-7140 OPPHAUG. Norway. Organization number: 990 661 928. Phone leader: +47 72 52 37 43 E-mail the society: post(at)yrjarheimbygdslag.no.
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